“Maybe they should stop lying around and learn how to make a burger.” – Burger Lounge, San Diego

Orange County Burgers
The Lounge Burger at Burger Lounge, San Diego

San Diego: Home of the Chargers, home of the Wild Animal Park, and home of that stupid whale that loves killing humans (Dammit Shamu!). It is also home to many fantastically magical and delectable BURGERS. For today’s article, we found ourselves at Burger Lounge in La Jolla, San Diego. Taking pride in using only respectably treated animals and grass-fed beef… Burger Lounge’s culture centers around the clean, green, food movement. By saying that a burger should not just be a great meal, but it should also “utilize healthy ingredients produced in a sustainable enviornment”.

Menu Name: The Lounge Burger ($7.95)

  • 100% American Grass-fed Beef
  • Sponge-dough Bun
  • Organic White Cheddar Cheese
  • Grilled & Raw Onions
  • Fresh Tomato
  • Crisp Lettuce
  • House-made 1000 Island Dressing Sauce

Calorie Count: Approx. 400 kcals

So on I go and take my first bite. “Delicious”, is what I thought, “reminds me of a diner style burger”. This was due to the 1000 Island dressing and lettuce flavors mostly. The first thing I thought after was, “Damn, this burger could’ve been given a big step up if it hadn’t used lettuce”. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of lettuce on a burger, even though sometimes, given the right cut, it works. I would have much rather preferred baby spinach, or even wild rocket arugula. For lettuce typically has a very bland flavor, and well, is usually just boring.

The white cheddar and tomatoes went along well with the aforementioned ingredients; However, the cheese quality was about average. Naturally, white cheddar is going to have a more subdued flavor… So… That means you are going to have to use a little more, or use a better white cheddar cheese, to get the taste out there.

Although touted as being 100% grass fed beef, the quality of the beef was sub-par. What it was on-par with, was the beef quality of In-N-Out. Which is not something to be proud of when you are a restaurant serving a burger. It was not very juicy, nor was it tasteful to be honest. It was seasoned with a light pepper, but really relied on it’s surrounding ingredients to be of good taste. And that was plainly obvious. Luckily, the other ingredients did give lift to the overall impression of the burger, but you cannot fail to deliver, ever, when it comes to the beef used.

And even though I had ordered both grilled and raw onions on the burger, I didn’t really taste either of the two until the end of the bite… And even then, it was only the raw onions presenting any kind of flavor, raw as they were. I wish they would’ve used better onions, either red or yellow respectively, and caramelized them for a proper length of time. The onion is one of my favorite components of the burger, and when that is missing, my palette cries.

The bun was solid. Showing decency in holding the entire show together. Sadly, that’s about all it did– Hold everything together. Any taste coming from the bun was severely lacking in character and flavor. I just didn’t notice it. And when I did, the taste was so underwhelming that I had to stop enjoying the other flavors in order to hone-in on this one, poor attempt at a bun.

Seeing through the lackluster burger, were the superbly mediocre fries. Seasoned with garlic salt, the fries were just average. Mind you, there could be worse things in the burger world… Such as the fries being bad, like the ones at The Shwack Beach Grill. The ranch however was there to lend a hand, with viscosity and good taste. The worst part about it, was that the fries didn’t come with the burger. At $2.99, they just ain’t worth it.

Hell, in all honesty, at $7.95, the burger just ain’t worth it. And for a combined total of $10.94, the meal just ain’t worth it.

The complete burger tasted similarly to what a mixture between In-N-Out and Fatburger would taste like. Yet, at the end, looking at my bill and considering the meal I had just eaten, the fact remained that I would’ve rather spent a lot less money and eaten In-N-Out, rather than spending double the price and receiving a incremental change in taste.

If helping animals make friends and have a better life, before they are to be eaten is your goal, then this is the place for you. It’s a decent burger that’s way over-priced. If you like this, you should try out Umami’s burgers too!

But if you like value for your buck like myself, I say it’s just not good enough.

Grading Scale

  1. Burger taste… 7.0 out of 10
  2. Burger presentation… 7.5 out of 10
  3. Burger ingredients… 7.5 out of 10
  4. Price… 7.0 out of 10
  5. Knife test… FAIL (-1%)

TOTAL: 29/40 (-1%) = .715% C

Thus, sliding in at #14 on THE Burger List, as well as #4 ranking on the $10 & Under List (OC), Burger Lounge’s, The Lounge Burger

Note: Actual ranking is subject to change when new burgers make the list. Also, the percentage score will not reflect the burgers’ ranking on the list, for each burger is unique and must be graded on it’s own merits. For up-to-date rankings, check THE Burger List in the menu! Thanks.

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