“San Clemente: Where Class meets Burger” – St. Roy Chef’s Pub at Vine

Wine Country Burger at St. Roy Chef’s Pub at Vine

San Clemente: Known for it’s great surf, beautiful landscape, and the summer home of former President Richard Nixon. But wait, aren’t we forgetting something? Ah yes, the burgers. When I had first done some research on this establishment, it had looked pretty decent; however, there was one picture of a burger, and only two actual burgers on the menu. *Whoosh* After a memory flash-back to the lame experience at Umami – Great presentation, super-mediocre burger; I returned to truth, and realized my duty to give every burger, no matter what size, style, or ingredients, it’s fair shot. Justly decided, myself and team of B.A. Buddies ventured out to San Clemente to get a first hand look, and taste, at what St. Roy had to offer:

Menu Name: Wine Country Burger

  • Shallot-Crusted Kobe Beef
  • Sourdough Bun
  • Manchego Cheese
  • Roasted Tomatoes
  •  Arugula
  • Secret Sauce

Calorie Count: 950 kcals

Walking up the small, terracota-tiled pathway, you pass through the black outlined door, and enter the bar. Once inside, the smooth, insecure-fleeing ambience wipes away any lack of confidence as your eyes feast upon the selections. Whether you’re looking at females, males, or um yeah, of course, the beer and wine selection, each emotion about the bar, containing your truest feelings, are correct; this place is D.F.B. (Damn F***in Bomb, achem, or Dom’s Favorite Burgers, achem, exucse me)-Certified .

From there, if asked for, you are able to break bread in the holiest of rooms, the fine-dining room. Sitting at the tall, beige and brown striped booths, you feel free to talk and confess; confess your love for all burgers in the world.

Whilst declaring, your burger is placed in front of you, as you prepare to dine as a king, with the Wine Country Burger. Taking that first, juicy bite, your mouth is flooded with the oven-roasted tomatoes – cooked perfectly to a t. The manchego cheese follows with such distinction, that it ravages your mouth; Yet, not before the caramelized onions step up to fight for contention. After cleansing your palette by way of iceberg lettuce, you can taste the pure, succulent beef. Uninhibited by anything else, your mouth has entered through the gates of heaven and landed on a beautifully toasted sourdough bun; A bun, made by the hands of angels.

The “Kobe” beef was cooked perfectly medium-rare, which allowed all the juices to remain cozy under the tastefully decorated, shallot-crusted blanket. The next ingredient that contributed most to the flavor would have to have been the combination of the manchego cheese sleeping with the caramelized onions. The roasted tomatoes and the iceberg lettuce were the perfect ways to lighten up an otherwise, wonderfully heavy burger. And ending with the buttered and toasted sourdough, the beef was put on a pedestal, as you were left wanting more.

Now lets get on with it. The fries were delicious. Skinny, shoestring-style fries drizzled in a light garlic and butter made my mouth just water. Carrie our waitress was beautiful, kind, and one of the best waitress’ around. Oh, and did I mention that she had the restaurant playing The Smiths Pandora Radio? No? Well, basically, yeah, she was awesome.

Now don’t expect me to do this often, but I had to show you guys a picture of a real burger knife that slices perfectly:

Anyway, for how great the overall atmosphere and environment of the restaurant, the $13 dollar burger was well worth the price… It even came with those delicious fries I mentioned earlier. And so we have, coming in at #5 Wine Country Burger, acclimating beside #4 Hodads, and #6  KGB: Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers…

Grading Scale

  1. Burger taste… 8.75 out of 10
  2. French fry taste… 8.5 out of 10
  3. Burger presentation… 9 out of 10
  4. Price… 8.5 out of 10
  5. Knife test… PASS (No awarded percentage points are awarded on a “Pass”, because that is what is expected)

TOTAL: 34.75/40 = .868% B

*Note: Actual ranking is subject to change when new burgers make the list. Also, the percentage score will not reflect the burgers’ ranking on the list, for each burger is unique and must be graded on it’s own merits. For up-to-date rankings, check THE OC Burger List in the menu! Thanks.

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